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Updated: May 7, 2021

Whether it's around the dinner table, at random, or during family devotional time sometimes it's difficult to find the words to pray. Sometimes too much comes to mind and other times too little.

Insert people like Kayla Craig...

Kayla Craig created Liturgies for Parents, co-hosts The Upside-Down Podcast, writes at PBS Kids for Parents, and is set to release her first book from Tyndale in 2021. Though she is the wife of a pastor and a mom to four kids, Craig admits that she does not always have the right words to pray. Faced with this frustration, she has written a collection of nuanced and nurturing liturgies and “Scripture-rooted breath prayers” as a ministry to parents who experience the same. Follow her on Instagram or visit her website to learn more.

Instagram @liturgiesforparents

If you're ever in need of words to pray, whether it be for yourself, your family, or small group I encourage you to look toward guided prayers from time to time. Maybe you begin working through the Psalms, reciting The Lord's Prayer each day, or reflecting on Paul's rich prayers in the letters to the early church. It is odd, yet immensely rich and even transformative to pray the prayers of others.

Parents, I, the youth team, and the church staff are here for you and your children. Never hesitate to reach out for prayer, resources, or to simply catch up. It makes our day, week, month, sometimes more.

In Christ, Pastor Joe

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