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Updated: May 7, 2021

Celebration probably isn't in the running for the 2021 "word of the year." But in this time of uncertainty and hardship for so many, we must continue to live lives of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Let's be honest. Sometimes gratitude and thanksgiving is most difficult with family. We know one another's best and worst features and the negative tends to stick out too often. Grab the family and have everyone take the Enneagram because... it's good to celebrate one another's personality.

Whether you are an "Enneagram Person," or not. (I'm actually not). It's a great, free tool to see yourself and others in a new light. Jordy and I have found ourselves discussing our "number" with friends over dinner several times, celebrating one another, and at times fighting the boxes the test placed us in. Each time we talk about it we are reminded of the diversity and beauty that is God's people. I hope, despite the headspace or season you may find yourself as reading this, you take this chance and celebrate God, yourself, and your family as we have.

Parents, I, the youth team, and the church staff are here for you and your children. Never hesitate to reach out for prayer, resources, or to simply catch up. It makes our day, week, month, sometimes more.

In Christ, Pastor Joe

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