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When: Saturday, November 11, 2023 | 9:30am-12:00pm

Where: Christian Community Church
Parents, grandparents, and caregivers

What: Making disciples of our kids is a holistic endeavor. Our heads and our hearts are very intertwined. Christian parents and caregivers have no need to be fearful, but we are called to be very intentional when raising our kids. The Head and Heart Workshops are a chance to learn how to teach, to love, and to serve our children while glorifying the God that gave us to them.


We want to come alongside you and provide the support, resources, and teachings that can help you thrive! Choose one or two workshops to attend from the ones listed below. We will provide childcare, so you don't have to worry about a thing! Prayer Ministry Partners will also be available to pray over parents and caregivers as you desire.  Register today using the link below, and make sure to include how many kids will need childcare in the comments section of the sign-up! 


  • Teaching the Truth About Christianity - Megan Gaynor (Children's Ministry Director)

    • ​Christian apologists today stress the importance of helping kids see for themselves why the Bible best explains the way the world is. Making a case for why the Bible is true will provide practical tips to teach apologetics and discuss Biblical matters even beginning at a fairly young age.

  • Technology Rhythms - Pastor Ryan Pflum

    • From smartphones and iPads to laptops and TV, technology is shaping our lives. How can we create healthy rhythms for our families such that our lives do not become slaves to technology? How can we utilize the creative and positive aspects of a world permeated with digital devices, while preserving and safeguarding the spiritual formation of our souls?

  • Nutrition for Families - Susie Schneider (registered dietician)

    • Nutrition for Families will provide the basic nutrition guidelines for raising kids from infants to adolescence. It will provide tips for picky eating, healthy snack and meal planning, reducing food dyes, and more. There will be great resources for those interested in additional courses on feeding little ones and/or recipes.

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