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Updated: May 7, 2021

If you weren't already doing church at home in some way, odds are you did in 2020...

I know my family and so many of yours found what worked and what didn't. It's never quite the same as being together as a church body, but it is special realizing that the family living in your house is also "The Church."

One brilliant, creative, and free resource to begin using is THE BIBLE PROJECT. Their video library is extensive with topics surrounding God and the Bible rich enough for adults, yet basic enough for young children. The studies and videos that coincide can lead to 5 minute to 3 hours conversations about God and life. These studies, which we use on small group nights, have led to incredible discussions and unforgettable moments with God.

Click here to watch a video with your family and talk about it. Or use one of their bible studies. Church at home isn't just a Sunday thing and these videos are a great way to capture your teen's attention and learn more about God and one another TOGETHER.

Parents, I, the youth team, and the church staff are here for you and your children. Never hesitate to reach out for prayer, resources, or to simply catch up. It makes our day, week, month, sometimes more.

In Christ, Pastor Joe

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