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Gloria Flemming Tribute


Thank you for being a part of making this special video tribute for Gloria Flemming. You can upload a video directly to this website for us to compile and give as a gift to Duane and the entire Flemming family.


Please read these guidelines before uploading your video.

  1. Video should be filmed in a landscape format, widescreen if possible. Not vertically.

  2. Please film your video in as quiet of a place as you can to reduce extra background noise.

  3. Video is usually better with light in front of you and not behind you. Natural light is best if possible.

  4. Speak clearly and loud enough for people to hear you.

  5. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes if possible


We will be doing a short video for the memorial service and an extended one to give to the family. Please follow these prompts in your filming:


Video prompts are as follow:
-A video sharing any great memories or stories of how she made you feel
-A video sharing how she showed you hospitality.
- A video sharing the silliest thing you saw Gloria do or that you did with her.
-A video talking about how Gloria showed up or was there for you
-A video sharing your favorite food she made.


(please follow the link below and upload the videos individually. If you have any questions please contact Thank you!) 

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