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When: 1/22-2/26 

What: Does your soul feel drained from the madness of modern life, the toll of global crises, and pandemic challenges? Eldredge offers tools to recover your joy, strengthen your heart, and thrive through the storm! Drawing on scriptural wisdom and powerful stories of determination, this book will bolster your spirit and help develop your resilience! Join us for this six week series as we grow together in this important virtue! Books will be available for purchase in the lobby for $14, and Life Groups will be discussing the chapters in more depth during the week.  To join a group for this series, connect with a group leader here!

Reading Plan:

1/22 - Chs. 1-2

1/29 -  Chs. 3-4

2/5 - Chs. 5-6

2/12 - Chs.7-8

2/19 - Chs. 9-10

2/26 - Wrap-up

*We recommend you read the chapters after each sermon on Sunday during the week. 

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