When: 1/23-3/6 

What: We can experience life beyond the frenzy and striving. We can find a place of rest right in the middle of a restless world. In fact, God planned such a space for us. It's life in his presence, and that's what this year is all about at CCCHURCH. Learning to live all of life in the presence of  who made us. One of the central ways we grow in depth with God is by practicing what we call Sabbath. It involves making time to set aside the stresses and anxieties of the world and simply rest with Him. Join us in this seven-week series as we go through Mark Buchanan's The Rest of God and dig deeper into God's design for our rest in Him.

Reading Plan:

1/23 - Chs. 1-2

1/30 -  Chs. 3-4

2/6 - Chs. 5-6

2/13 - Ch.7-8

2/20 - Chs. 9-10

2/27 - Ch. 11-12

3/6 - Ch. 13-14